• Filosofia

Our leading values

In a work environment where creativity and collaboration are enhanced, we study the most suitable solutions consistently with our leading values:

  • innovation
  • made in Italy
  • green approach, attention to healthiness and safety issues
  • custom-made products
  • professionalism and technical skills
  • use of certified and high quality materials
  • tradition joined to technology

Coherently with our entrepreneurial philosophy, our purpose is beyond profit (/figures).
We constantly re-invest and innovate to improve both productivity and work conditions: we want to produce welfare (not only economical) for ourselves and for the community in which we are consciously involved.

Anna Lisa and Paola get all the members of staff, whatever their role is, involved in these challenges because they are well aware that each of them represents an essential element in the growth process.
In conclusion, we are steadily evolving while remaining faithful to the concreteness, determination and flexibility values which have always characterized our history.