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Fashion / Fantasy

This is an entirely new chapter in our history. We are exploring the world beyond the boundaries of gaskets and trying to conquer new markets as, for example, the consumer sector and other niches where our raw materials and our plants can create new business opportunities.
In a more and more sparkling and dynamic market, expertise and professionalism are surely key elements to entrepreneurial success, but these are not enough for us and after more than 50 years from the foundation our company has not lost its pioneering spirit and the calling for new challenges which have always been our distinctive marks.
Fantasia was born this way, on the wings of a butterfly which ideally recalls the profile of the Fumagalli Gaskets logo and tangibly underlines the factors at the base of the success of the new productive area. A new concept in which the original substance gets transformed in a commercial industrial product and as these innovative shapes are dedicated to people non-toxic colorful materials are used to create fashion accessories and products, bjioux and every other item our fantasy can imagine. The sense of beauty whence innovation finds creative nourishment and where industrial material joins design in the path towards glamour…