• Produzione

Unique tailormade solutions

Started from the production of items for the heavy manufacturing sector, our range of action has kept widening. It’s been a while since we entered the “consumer oriented” market sectors experimenting new materials and alternative usages for more traditional ones and making use of innovative technological solutions.

Our Company’s size and character allow for maximum productive flexibility.
Starting from the first contact with the customer up to the final realization of the product we observe a detailed workflow procedure:
Customer’s request and product specifications

  1. Feasibility study, research on materials, choice of the suitable production method
  2. Offer submission, customer’s confirmation
  3. Dedicated CAD design
  4. Sampling production, customer’s approval
  5. Industrialization process and batch production along with issuing of Compliance Certificate

We set no limits to the study and realization phases to develop together with the customers dedicated products and satisfy their requests.
Our production workshop enables us to realize each of the molds, cutting dies and pieces of equipment necessary to obtain a customized final product while optimizing processing times and costs.

Particular attention is set on the environmental issues. We dedicate to produce in a co-efficient way, minimizing waste, emissions, raw material and energy consumes.